Posted by: standrewsantelope | 10/20/2011

Rev. Peter Rodgers reflects on his friendship with Bishop N.T. Wright

The Rev. Peter Rodgers says about N.T. Wright:

“In the mid 1970s I was a graduate student in New Testament at Oxford at the same time that N.T. Wright was also working on his degree. We became friends and have stayed in touch for almost 40 years. Two years ago I invited Tom to speak at Fuller Seminary, Sacramento (where I teach New Testament and Preaching), and he agreed to come. He was to be in San Francisco for the Society of Biblical Literature in November of 2011, and I was able to secure him for a visit to us before he went to this gathering of scholars. He graciously agreed to speak for us, and I have been working steadily with a team for the past two years to insure that the N.T. Wright event on November 16 would be a great opportunity for people in the Sacramento area to hear one of the world’s leading biblical scholars and theologians. We hope that this event will be a great encouragement to people of all Christian denominations in the greater Sacramento area.”

Bishop N.T. Wright will be in Sacramento on Nov. 16, 2011 !!

Buy tickets HERE


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